Top 7 Questions to Ask Before Adopting a Dog

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  • August 15, 2013 3:39 pm

Before adopting, ask yourself these questions to ensure that you are ready to take on both the challenges and rewards of extending your family in the canine fashion.

1) Are you able to make a 10 to 15 year commitment?
Having a pet in the house can be a great, but are you and your family ready to take this on for more than a few months?  A dog can provide companionship, teach responsibility to children caring for them, and provides many other benefits.  You must consider, however, that it is also a very large commitment, and it is not fair to a dog to be left alone everyday all day if there is no one in the home.  If you are willing to  and tailor your schedule with your new pet’s needs in mind, it can be an easy transition.

2) How Will You Care for your Pet when you are away?
Keep in mind that you will require a backup plan when leaving to go on a vacation. Even an entire day spent out of the house might entail having a friend of family member stop by to walk your dog and provide fresh food and water. Automatic dry food dispensers can cover this, but the technology to walk your dog for you does not exist yet (at least not in your budget range).

3) Are you Financially able to support another member of your family?
You might not have thought about it, but if this is your first dog, you may want to consider that this pet will become an extension of your family. Just as any other child or dependent, your ‘adoptee’ will need food, water, doctors visits (veterinarian visits), etc. Even a bit of “potty training” at first to ensure there are no accidents in unintended places is recommended.

4) Are you a morning person?
Every dog is different, but your dog may likely need to use the bathroom at 5:45 in the morning, every morning. Unless you are the world’s best trainer, this will most likely require your assistance. Unless you are willing to make this almost military style commitment, ask yourself: do I have it in me? (This may not necessarily be the case but it is something to think about.)

5) Is your neighborhood Dog-friendly?
Is there a vet nearby including one with 24-hour care capabilities? Are there already dogs in your neighborhood? If so, this will provide an opportunity for your dog to socialize with other dog from an early age which can be beneficial to your dog’s character and demeanor.  This will ultimately lead to a better relationship between the dog and your family for the life of your pet.

6) Do you understand how rewarding it can be?
Dogs did not inherit the slogan “Man’s Best Friend” for nothing. If you are able to foster a relationship with your dog, and especially if you can dedicate more time early on, you will generate a strong bond with your new pet.

7) Is your home accommodating to pets?
It is important to consider whether or not the layout of your living space can accommodate your new dog. Barriers similar to those for designed for infant safety can be used to block of stairways, or rooms you would like to keep off limits for your pet.

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