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Determining the legitimacy of any organization is not always the easiest task. When it comes to Animal Shelters, however, we've got you covered. Simply search by the name of a shelter, or use our filters including state, city, and zip code, to find a shelter near you. We can quickly and easily assist you in finding a reputable place to adopt your next dog, cat, or any pet you can imagine.

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Adopting a pet is an exciting thing! It should not be difficult or nerve-racking. That's where we come in. Adopting a cat or dog from a shelter not only provides the glue to hold your family together, but takes a dog off of the streets or away from an abusive owner. You are doing a great thing, and we're here to both expedite and streamline that process by giving you the tools to make a decision on the shelter most appropriate for your needs. Ultimately, we allow you to gain visibility to the most highly acclaimed shelters near you.

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